Barcelona merchandising

Barcelona, in reality, is a city of many faces; it is the colour of Gaudí, the excitement of Barça, the profile of the skyline... Every day thousands of people discover its many faces upon arriving in the city.

For this reason, the people that choose Barcelona as a tourist destination, come for its history, its light, art, and design, in short, they come for the thousand faces of a city that never fails to surprise.
We would like to thank the people, who through visiting the city, have helped convert this Mediterranean capital in a cosmopolitan, dynamic, and lively city. What's more, if you so desire, they can take a piece of Barcelona home with you. A memory that captures some of the thousands of faces of Barcelona, and to forever remind you that whenever you wish to return, we will be here, awaiting you with open arms.


 Dearest Barça 3 languages

Dearest Barça 3 languages  
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